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Alcohol and Mental Health Posted on 17 Nov 2020

During Alcohol Awareness Week 2020 everyone is being encouraged to think about their drinking habits, as well as how they can look after their mental health. Overuse of alcohol can lead to anxiety and low mood, it can also make the symptoms of other mental health problems worse. There are positive steps everyone can take however, as cutting down on alcohol, or taking a break from drinking, can improve mental health.

In times of stress, such as during lockdown, people can find themselves drinking more often, or more heavily. For this reason Alcohol Change UK has developed a Coronavirus Information and Advice Hub. The information on the Hub includes tips for managing drinking, links to support, and guidance for professionals.

New local alcohol and mental health page

On Warrington’s Happy? OK? Sad? site we’ve brought together details of resources and support services, relating to alcohol and mental health. People might find this page useful if:

  •    they’re keen to look after their own mental and physical health
  •    they want to understand how to keep the risks from alcohol low
  •    they’ve been drinking more than usual and want to cut down
  •    they’re worried about someone else’s drinking
  •    they’re struggling with their own drinking and need support

You’ll find the alcohol and mental health page here.

Mental wellbeing resources

Two other areas of the Happy? OK? Sad? site have information about simple things that people can do to build their resilience and feel more positive. These are outlined below:

The COVID-19 and mental wellbeing page includes tips for coping with the restrictions and stresses that COVID has brought.

The general mental wellbeing section includes evidence-based resources to help people look after their mental wellbeing. To find this information, click here then scroll down to the heading “Looking after our mental wellbeing”.

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