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Stress Awareness Month 2022 Posted on 5 Apr 2022

Did you know April is Stress Awareness month? Stress is a normal part of life, and a small amount is even good for us but when stress becomes unmanageable and even chronic it can really impact our health. Managing stress is as much about access to options and resources as it is about individuals having the knowledge and skills to deal with whatever is stressing them.  
For Stress Awareness Month this April, we would like to share some info and resources which may help.

  • Visit Warrington’s Happy? OK? Sad? Website to find more useful local resources around stress management. Happy OK Sad (
  • Warrington Public Health team have developed a Self-Care Menu which is a quick access guide to demonstrate the available support locally and nationally including an NHS yoga video, guided mindfulness meditation and links to Health walks in Warrington
  • Warrington Citizens Advice can both provide information and advice on a wide range of issues, including money and debt.

Warrington Financial Inclusion Team provides free advice and support to help people find jobs and increase their income.

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